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Well, I certainly learned a lot.

My interview with Dr. Deane Aikins was, to say the least, enlightening. A noted expert in his field, Dr. Aikins was once called by the Pentagon to testify via telephone before a Congressional subcomittee regarding homicidality in PTSD patients. If … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Aikins…

In a few short minutes, I’m going to be conducting an interview via Skype with Dr. Deane Aikins. As I mentioned in a previous post, Dr. Aikins has worked extensively with the military over the past several years, researching treatment … Continue reading

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A few quick updates…

Things are moving slowly but surely in the world of research. Here are two quick updates. First, Dr. Deane Aikins, an expert in the field of PTSD in combat veterans, has agreed to be interviewed for this project. He has … Continue reading

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