Man’s Best Friends Help Treat Vets with PTSD

In researching various treatment methods for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), I’ve come across a trend that is surprising, endearing, and nothing short of wonderful: studies have found that owning a dog can be an effective treatment method for war vets suffering from PTSD. According to this July 2012 article from Smithsonian Magazine, “The animals draw out…… Continue reading Man’s Best Friends Help Treat Vets with PTSD

Practicing Fieldnotes

Field research is something that is largely foreign to me. Research itself is not: I’ve had my nose in books and magazines since my earliest memories. I used to peruse a card catalog with the best of them. In modern times, my Google-Fu is strong. But actually getting out in the field? Not so much.…… Continue reading Practicing Fieldnotes