Remembering Leonard Nimoy

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already.

Picture this as a testament to his legacy:

The day after I wrote this — the day after Nimoy died — I was at the prison, teaching. I was writing the daily assignment on the board, and when I turned around to face the class I stopped and gasped.

All of my students — each and every one — had their hands raised in the Vulcan salute.

“We’re sorry to hear about Leonard Nimoy,” one student, Carlos, said. “He lived long and prospered. ”

Just picture that. A room full of rapists, thieves, murderers, and child molesters. All offering a symbol of peace and long life in honor of Nimoy’s memory.

I had never been prouder.

So tonight, like I did four years ago and have done every year on this date, I will be watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, in his memory.

What do you do to remember him?

Spock's Chair

Leonard Nimoy died today.

I see the words on my screen, but I can’t comprehend them. They seem like a fiction, and a terrible one at that. I feel like a two-bit hack for writing such unbelievable dreck.

But it’s not fiction. It’s fact. Leonard Nimoy died today.

When he was rushed to the hospital last week with chest pains, I had a feeling this day was coming. When he stayed active on Twitter, though, my hopes were bolstered. I thought maybe he was making a recovery.

I had no idea he was taking the opportunity to impart his final words to us all.

And by God, do we all have memories of him.

I’ve written before about how I got into Star Trek at an…

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