As I Hoped, A Personal Perspective

Thankfully, the interview answers I was most anticipating have arrived in my inbox. This whole project was conceived as a way to honor my friend Sam. Her story is by far not unique; but she was the first person I knew who went through it. Combine the tragedy of her story with her age at…… Continue reading As I Hoped, A Personal Perspective

A little less action, a little more conversation…

After being postponed by a few weeks for scheduling conflicts, I’m finally getting ready to sit down on Thursday with the interviewee I first mentioned two months ago. Out of all of the people I’ve talked with, he is actually the only one who re-enlisted. After finishing his time in Iraq, he spend time in the…… Continue reading A little less action, a little more conversation…

Seeing Something for the First Time

 One of the sources I’ve been using during my research is a book entitled On Looking, by Alexandra Horowitz. In it, Ms. Horowitz goes on “lookings” with several experts of different fields (“expert” being a broad term; they can be anyone from a Ph.D. to a bright-eyed child) in order to learn new ways to look at…… Continue reading Seeing Something for the First Time

A Personal Perspective, Hopefully.

As I stated in my proposal entry, the original inspiration for this project was the untimely death of my friend Sam. I’ll never forget the night it happened. I had fallen asleep on my  couch, and I got a text from her phone number well after midnight. It was from her girlfriend, telling me what…… Continue reading A Personal Perspective, Hopefully.

Following a Scholarly Lead

One of the topics that came up in my talk with Dr. Aikins regarded a study about the effectiveness of video games – Tetris in particular – when used as treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Though he was not familiar with this particular study, he did see the benefit of thought suppression offered by…… Continue reading Following a Scholarly Lead

Well, I certainly learned a lot.

My interview with Dr. Deane Aikins was, to say the least, enlightening. A noted expert in his field, Dr. Aikins was once called by the Pentagon to testify via telephone before a Congressional subcomittee regarding homicidality in PTSD patients. If he was considered expert enough to be called before Congress, he’s certainly good enough for…… Continue reading Well, I certainly learned a lot.