And we’re off…

I contacted my first interview subject today. I briefly explained what it was I want to accomplish.

He didn’t hesitate for a second to accept. I assured him that the interview would be confidential and I would not use his name, but he wants his name used. He wants to be able to tell his story, and he doesn’t want to hide.

I haven’t decided if I want to use his name or not, just yet.

He’s also offered to put me in touch with other soldiers with whom he served, and kept in touch with. Their stories may be similar to his, and are definitely worth investigating.

I’ve known this particular guy for a long time, but we’ve never talked about what he experienced in Iraq. I never knew how to broach the topic, and he certainly never brought it up. Frankly, I’m surprised by his enthusiasm, and his eagerness to divulge so much.

Of course, saying and doing are two entirely different things. I can only hope that this eagerness continues, and that he’s satisfied with the finished product.

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